DAY 37– Wed, Feb 16th, 2022


BIBLE TEXT: Gen 18:1-10, Exo 3:21, John 4:38

Brethren, breakthroughs and success do not answer only to struggles and hard work, the Grace and mercies of God in the life of a fellow can attract divine kindness that will favour all the labours of a man. Let’s pray!


  1. Bless the Lord Oh my soul for all His goodness and mercies I have enjoyed so far since I was born into this world
  2. Father thank you for you have been my source of strength, continuity and encouragement
  3. Oh Lord, I bless your name for all your kindness, divine intervention and involvement in my life and family.
  4. Father have mercy on me and forgive me of all unfaithfulness that are denying me of your favour.
  5. Father, let everyday in this year be favourable to me and my family in Jesus name.
  6. Oh Lord let me enjoy your grace in all that I lay my hands upon this year in Jesus name.
  7. Father, let me be favoured for all my labours in 2022 and beyond in Jesus name.
  8. Father show me secrets that will enthrone me among the successful this year in Jesus name. Deu 29:29
  9. Father sow in me the indescribable seed of greatness that will make men and women to glorify your name in my life in Jesus name.

10.Father arise and disgrace out of my life, every power and personalities working against your favour for my life. Eze 30:14

11.Oh Lord my God, the time for me to shine in every areas of life has come, Arise Oh Lord and favour me in Jesus name

12.This year is the year of my exaltation, it is the year of my favour, I will get to my divine destination in Jesus name.

13.Father in the name of Jesus, my divine helper will not miss me in the day of my visitation in Jesus name

14.Father, from far, from near send help to me in Jesus name.

15.Thank you, Lord Jesus, I receive my package of divine favour in Jesus name.